kefka666 asked: You are very beautiful, and I love the way your sensuality comes through in your pictures. Thank you for sharing that beauty with the rest of us.

Wow, this made my night. It’s really incredible, the response I’ve been getting lately. Thanks so very much.

Anonymous asked: What video game do you have

I don’t actually play anymore. But I was very into Playstation 1&2 and some Nintendo. Arcade games are always dope.

Anonymous asked: This is probably odd but seeing your photos in that arcade style room was just so cool to me x)

That’s awesome! I’m glad to contribute more rad things for the internet! It definitely thrills me to shoot concepts I like.

Anonymous asked: You are so beautiful like wow unfair

Hahaha not unfair, I’m sure you’re lovely.

Anonymous asked: I'm digging the septum. Did you graduate college yet? What is your major?

I don’t have a septum piercing?
I’m an English major and I graduate next year (hopefully).

"My favorite color on canvas is nudity." - Jarod Kintz

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wikkd1 asked: Not a question, but a statement. OMG!! You are gorgeous!!!

D’awww stahp.

gorealladee asked: Milk bath ?

It’s extremely overdone and I don’t see the point in having such an unoriginal concept in my portfolio. I’d do it only if it was a well-paid venture or something for a private collection.

Anonymous asked: Pesky O Pesky I've never met you, since I've started stalking I've never left you!!! Thanx for being who u are in my life. Have an awesome day week month eternity I'll make a profile one day the anon ish for now is the only way. Blazin thinkin u Lady take care of urself out here

Haha, alright. You too. But seriously, don’t stalk me. That’s no bueno. If you see me at an event or somewhere that wouldn’t agitate me to talk at the moment (I.e not at a grocery store or something), feel free to say hi at least. I don’t bite too hard ;3

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play Nintendo AND get naked! Check out “Push to Start” up now on Zivity in the Living Pixels prize.

Free set invites to all who send me an email address not already affiliated with Zivity!

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kingrizza360 asked: I'm a new fan and so far really like all your work :). I got tumblr just to keep updated with you.

Wow, that’s so nice. Thanks much and stay tuned!

ohboythatshot asked: Lovely photos:-)

And more coming :3

geeteekay asked: I play WoW and the name of our guild is Sparkle Motion in reference to that same movie :')

I thought I answered this so long ago. Eep! My bad.
BUT the only thing better than this is if you had called your guild the Plastics. So good. May the odds ever be in the favor of Sparkle Motion!

shitvibes asked: is that a fucking donnie darko tattoo on your thigh? holy shit, its beautiful. You're beautiful omg

Awwh, you’re a doll.

Anonymous asked: its fat🙈

I guess so…?

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